The Tuscany region

Tuscany is considered to be one of the most beautiful Italian regions with its vineyards, olive groves, medieval hilltop towns and rustic castles. Maremma is the southern part of Tuscany famous not only for its sandy beaches but also for the sheer quantity of historic towns and medieval villages.


The stunning tufo towns of Pitigliano, Sovana and Sorano are a must to be seen. Maremma is the wildest part of Tuscany with the lowest density of people per square kilometer. In the tranquillity of these places it is easy to imagine life centuries ago. Maremma spans from the steep slopes of Monte Amiata, an extinct volcano reaching the wooded heights of 1738 m., down to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Rather uncontaminated by tourists it is a place for lovers of nature and simplicity. Here you can enjoy the culture and the beautiful landscape without being bothered by the tourist crowds, but you are nevertheless not far away from the sea, the hot springs and the famous Tuscan cities. Maremma is also home to several reserves and natural parks as well as archaeological sites that are some of the most important in Italy. Least, but not last it is rich in typical products such as olive oil, cheese, the Corsini biscuits and the famous Tuscan wines.


This is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday in a countryside which has changed very little in the last few centuries. The ancient castle of Triana. can be seen 1 kilometer away. In the nearby villages you can find excellent restaurants where you can taste the local cuisine. Street fairs are a regular occurence in the more